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Fall Online Education - Application and Enrollment Form


The North Central Kansas Technical College does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, national origin, age, handicap or marital status in admission or access to, or treatment of, or employment in its programs and activities. If you have questions regarding the below, please contact the NCKTC Dean of Student Services (1.800.658.4655).


Admission Requirements:
The information furnished to the college will not be used to deny admission, but is needed for reporting purposes. High School graduates, or those who hold a High School Equivalency Diploma, are admitted without reservation after having the following on file with the Registrar's Office:

1. Pay a $50 non-refundable application fee.

3. When applicable, a transcript from prior colleges.




1. Please complete all questions as completely and accurately as possible.
2. Submit this form.
3. Pay a $100.00 non-refundable deposit per course that is due upon enrollment.

4. Full payment of the remaining tuition is due within the first 10 days of the start of the course for any portion not covered by financial aid. Non-payment within the 10 day period will result in removal from the course/courses enrolled. Tuition is set at $132.00 per credit hour. Additional lab fees are incurred for science courses.






* Indicates the question is required to submit the form.


Step 1: Please complete all questions as completely and accurately as possible


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*Are you a current high school student?
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*Is this your first On-line Course?  
Are you a first-time college student?
Have you previously
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Do you plan to earn a degree from NCKTC?
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              Father's Education Level
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*Payment Method


Courses with less than the minimum number of students registered and deposit paid by August 15th will NOT be held!
Minimum number varies by class.
Fall 2014 Classes Begin August 25, 2014 unless otherwise noted!
Book Purchases Required BEFORE Classes Begin!
Enrollment will NOT be finalized until deposit is received!! Class sizes are limited.
Pay TODAY to reserve your seat!!
Deadline for all class enrollment and deposit payment is August 15, 2014.

Course Title Cr
BIOL 225 *Microbiology (additional $100 lab fee) 5 Hrs J. Klann
BIOL 230 *Anatomy and Physiology  (additional $100 lab fee) 5 Hrs J. Klann
BMGT 108 Business Management 3 Hrs D. Offutt
CIS 108 Advanced Computer Applications 3 Hrs J. Moeller
COM 103 *English Composition I 3 Hrs C. Bertuccelli
COM 105 Oral Communications (Speech) 3 Hrs B. Leiker
COM 210 Medical Terminology 3 Hrs B. Dechant
HE 230 Principles of Nutrition 3 Hrs J. Verdugo
MA 110 *Intermediate Algebra 3 Hrs M. Pahls
MA 111 *College Algebra - 8 week course begins 8/25 3 Hrs M. Pahls
 MA 200 *Elementary Statistics - 8 week course begins 10/20 3 Hrs M. Pahls
SOC 135 Sociology 3 Hrs R. Meyers
SS 100 General Psychology 3 Hrs J. Tice
SS 105 Human Growth and Development 3 Hrs R. Meyers
*Prerequisite Required - Please see course list for additional information at http://www.ncktc.edu/Online/courses.htm

Please review the information above and make sure that the information is accurate and up-to-date.

Enrollment will NOT be finalized until deposit is received!!
Deadline for all class enrollment and deposit payment is August 15, 2014.

Book purchases are required BEFORE classes begin!!!

Step 2: Submit this application

Step 3: Pay Online Tuition with PayPal

Online Payment     

Once this information is submitted it will take at least two business days to process. Please contact the Cashier (1.800.658.4655 ext.003) with payment information as your enrollment will be held until deposit is received.  Online Tuition and fees are non-refundable. You will receive an email acknowledging your completion of the form, payment and your inclusion into the classes you have selected.


If you are not enrolled into the selected classes you will be notified and further information about when and if you will be able to take the classes will be emailed within two business days of your completion of the form.