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Award Descriptions & Criteria

Outstanding Veteran Alumni – This award honors our alumni who have completed military service. The candidate must have earned a credential or degree from NCK Tech and have an honorable discharge from a full enlisted term or commissioned term in the U.S. armed services. The nominee will receive additional consideration for: service beyond a 4-year term of duty, medals awarded for military accomplishments, personal achievements, number of employees (if a business owner), community service and volunteerism. Recipients may receive posthumously.

Outstanding Alumni
–This award recognizes an individual who has shown exceptional leadership, work ethic and dedication. Candidates must have earned a credential, certificate or degree from NCK Tech more than 10 years ago; demonstrated professional and/or personal achievement (career achievements, overcoming obstacles, etc.) ; demonstrated service to others (community service, service clubs, church, volunteerism, etc.); and provided support to NCK Tech (board representation, advocacy, financial support, employment of graduates, etc.);

Distinguished Young Alumni – This award recognizes a young alumni who have had outstanding achievements and/or recent accomplishments, based on professional and educational achievements, community activities, honors, awards or noteworthy items of merit since graduation. Candidates must have earned a credential, certificate or degree from NCK Tech within the past 10 years; and

Outstanding Faculty/Staff Award– This award is designed to honor excellence in high quality of instruction or distinguished service to the college. The award serves as a significant honor among faculty and staff and nominations are accepted from faculty, staff or NCK Tech students. Candidates must be full time faculty or staff and have served at the college for a minimum of two years. Recipients may receive posthumously.

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