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A Parent’s Guide to On-Campus Housing at NCK Tech

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who should my student call if something is not working properly in the room?

The student can visit the Housing Supervisor and fill out a Work Order Request which is then given to the Dorm Maintenance Supervisor.

2) What if my student and his/her roommates can’t get along?

The first step is to ask your student to discuss the concerns with his/her roommate(s) and try to resolve the conflict together. Many times, clarifying communication and expectations between roommates is the first step in successfully navigating a roommate conflict. If the conflict remains unresolved, your student should ask their Resident Assistant (RA) for advice/guidance in the situation. If issues persist, and the student does not feel that they are able to work with their RA, they are asked to talk with the Housing Supervisor, and together as a team they will work out a solution.

Remember that this is probably your child’s first time living on their own away from you. They need time to grow and make adjustments in order to be successful adults. It is best that as parents you strive to have your child handle these situations as described above and not by having you call the school. Legally, after your child turns 18 and moves onto our campus, we are not allowed to discuss with you anything without their permission.

3) What laundry facilities are available?

There is a laundry room on the north side of the Housing Supervisor’s house for on-campus students to use. It is equipped with coin-operated washers and dryers that only accept quarters. The student will need to also furnish their own laundry detergent and other laundry supplies. There is also another self-service laundry mat in downtown Beloit.

4) How long does the housing contract last?

The housing contract lasts from the first day of school until graduation. These contracts are legally binding.

5) Can students redecorate their rooms?

Students may not nail fixtures to the walls, floors, ceilings, or furniture; drill holes or affix decals; or tamper with electrical or telecommunications wiring. In addition, students cannot paint their rooms. Your student should contact the Housing Supervisor for details.

6) What type of bed linens are needed?

Your student can bring any type of personal linen. The beds are extra long twin.

7) Where can my student receive mail?

Mail is delivered in the area right outside of the laundry room on the east side of the dorms. Each room has a mailbox and each student will have their own mail key. Use the following address to send mail to your student…

Student’s Name
2000 Campus Lane
Student’s apartment number (ex. 3A)
Beloit, KS 67420

8) Should my student purchase renters’ insurance before arriving on campus? What happens if personal belongings are stolen from the room?

Although precautions are taken to maintain adequate security, the college cannot assume responsibility for the loss or damage to student possessions from any cause whatsoever. Students are encouraged to carry personal property insurance. This is often available as a rider on the parent’s homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy. If personal items are stolen or missing, your student should contact their RA and Housing Supervisor immediately. Students are encouraged to always lock their doors and close their windows when they are gone.


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