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Resident Responsibilities & Roommate Relations

Resident Responsibilities
Living on campus may represent the first “contractual” agreement you have ever signed, if not the most important to date. As a resident on campus, you have a right to an appropriate environment in your housing facilities. You are responsible for contributing positively to that environment.

Upon moving into the on-campus housing, you are responsible for the following:
1) The rules and regulations of the State of Kansas, North Central Kansas Technical College, and the on-campus housing. You are responsible for knowing these rules and adhering to them at all times.
2) Activities that occur within your room. Even if you’re not present or involved in the policy violation, you may be held responsible.
3) Your guests and their conduct while present in the housing units. Residents may be subject to disciplinary action because of their visitor’s behavior.

Roommate Relations
The purpose of this section is to provide you with assistance in building a positive roommate relationship. No one can do it for you, but at the same time, it’s impossible to accomplish alone. The relationship can only be successful when you and your roommates agree to work together. Learning to live successfully with your roommates may be one of the best opportunities you will ever have to learn the skills needed to live successfully with anyone.

The Roommate Contract
The secret of being successful roommates is being able to talk with each other about “things”…especially the “things” that are important to each of you. There is no substitute for knowing and understanding someone. To do that, it’s important to keep the lines of communication open. Talking about these “things” in advance won’t guarantee you’ll be compatible roommates, but your chances of getting along and avoiding problems before they start will be greatly increased. There are several questions you can ask each other to start that important communication process. If you take the time to get to know each other and help each other, you will be able to make the most of campus housing life. Also, the roommate agreement is a tool that you can continue to revise and refer to in order to help living together be more compatible.

Personal Style & Habits
This section is designed to give you a chance to find out what is important to your roommates. You may discover that you have things in common and that there are also areas of disagreement. Your purpose is to gain understanding and insight about one another, not to judge who is right or wrong. You may want to discuss the roommate agreement.

1) This is how I feel about people borrowing my things…..
2) The time I usually go to sleep is…..
3) The time I usually wake up is…..
4) I prefer to study (where?)…..
5) I prefer to study (when?)…..
6) You will know I’m angry when…..

Things to Remember
Getting to know people takes time. Don’t expect to be best friends overnight; or if you are already best friends, don’t expect too much. The way to be good roommates is to share information about yourself, your background, attitudes, habits and moods, and to hear what your roommates are telling you about the same things. Remember, be honest and try to remain open in future discussions.


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