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General Housing Rules


All Campus- Housing students are bound by the policies outlined in the NCK Tech Student Code of Conduct. Particular attention should be paid to the prohibitions of alcohol, drugs, firearms, firecrackers, and explosives on the campus. Physical violence and all forms of harassment are also covered by college policies. The policies stated below deal specifically with Student Housing life and the requirements of community living.

Alcohol- The NCK Tech Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy prohibits both the possession and consumption of cereal malt beverages (beer), and alcoholic liquor on NCK Tech property. The NCK Tech Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy is in full effect in all Student Housing Units. To prevent any possible misunderstandings, no alcoholic beverage containers of any type are allowed on NCK Tech property. Students under the influence of alcohol on campus may be disciplined as an alcohol violation.

Amplified Instruments- Residents may not play amplified instruments in their rooms.

Bicycles- Bicycles or motor scooters may not be stored in rooms. No bicycles may be left in any interior or exterior stairwell because of the danger imposed in an emergency.

Candles & Incense- No candles or incense may be burnt in rooms.

Damages- Each student shall be responsible for damage to college property caused by that student or which is within or part of an apartment in which the student resides. The cost of damage within an apartment will be divided among all students residing there unless it can be determined specifically who is responsible for the damage. It should be noted that nails should not be driven into the walls. Decorations should be hung with tape or tacky putty.
Additionally, damage caused to public areas will be prorated among all residents of that building when the specific individual or group responsible cannot be identified. Each resident pays a $140 deposit at the beginning of the contract year. Individual and prorated common damage charges will be charged to the resident’s damage account as they occur.

Documentation- If a student witnesses a violation of the regulations or damage to property, they should document any information related to the incident and immediately contact the Housing Supervisor or Dean of Student Services.

Fire Equipment- Residents are to respect fire equipment within all Student Housing, including fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and alarms. Any tampering with such equipment or the setting of false fire alarms will result in severe penalty.

Fire Hazards- No materials, liquid or otherwise, of an explosive or combustible nature shall be kept on the premises of any NCK Tech Campus housing unit. Candles, incense, or any other open flame decoration are fire hazards and are prohibited on the premises of any student housing unit.

Firearms, Weapons, & Fireworks- In the interest of health and safety, firearms, weapons, ammunition, and explosives are prohibited on the premises of any NCK Tech student housing unit. Hand loading, and the storage of components used in the manufacture of ammunition is also prohibited.

Improper Check-Out- Students who do not check out with the Housing Supervisor before leaving will forfeit their dorm deposit; students will be responsible for any additional fees/cost assessed by the College. Students are not allowed to move to other rooms on campus without first obtaining permission from the Housing Supervisor.

Keys- Only keys issued by the Housing Supervisor are permitted. Unauthorized keys will be confiscated and the student will face disciplinary action. Lost keys must be reported to the Housing Supervisor immediately. They will be replaced at the following costs: Apartment = $15; Mailbox= $2.
Missing keys will be handled on an individual basis regarding the decision to change room locks. The resident should contact the Housing Supervisor to request such a lock change. Any resident requesting a lock change will be billed for the costs involved.

Locks- No additional locks shall be placed upon any door of the building without written consent of the college. Safes and lockboxes must be opened for inspection upon request by the Housing Supervisor.

Maintenance & Repairs- No student shall interfere in any manner with any portion of the heating and lighting apparatus in or about the dormitories nor about the building containing the same. Residents may initiate routine maintenance by submitting a completed Work Order Request to the Housing Supervisor.

Pets- Pets of any kind are not allowed in or around NCK Tech housing units.

Quiet Hours- Quiet hours are from 11 pm until 8 am. During quiet hours, no noise is to be heard outside a student’s room (door, ceiling, walls, floor) which might interfere with others who may be studying or sleeping. During the daytime, or when quiet hours are not in effect, students are expected to be courteous and concerned with noise which might be annoying to others around them.

Room Entry & Search- Officials and/or employees of NCK Tech reserve the right to enter student rooms to:
1. conduct health and safety inspections,
2. to make repairs or conduct maintenance on college owned property,
3. to enforce state and federal laws,
4. to enforce College regulations and policy,
5. to take action as may be necessary in any emergency, or
6. to maintain order and an appropriate living environment.
Residents should be advised that officials and/or employees of NCK Tech have the right and obligation to conduct searches when there is a reasonable expectation, not probable cause, that a law has been broken. In such cases, a search will be conducted regardless of the presence of the residents.

Signs, Possession of- Residents may not have signs in their rooms/apartments, which are intended for use in other places, such as regulation traffic signs, construction barricades, NCK Tech Campus signs, etc. State law forbids the possession of road signs.


Smoking – Smoking, chewing tobacco is not allowed in any building on campus including the Campus Housing. Violators will be subject to disciplinary action.

Trash- It is the responsibility of the resident of student housing to regularly dispose of their trash and refuse in a designated trash disposal container or bin. Improper dumping of trash will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary action.

Unauthorized Entry- Unauthorized entry of a student’s apartment or room by another student is not permissible and will be dealt with in an appropriate manner including contacting the proper law enforcement agency if such entry is determined to be a violation of law.

Vehicles- Campus housing residents shall have only one vehicle on campus. No vehicle repair work shall be performed in the housing unit parking areas.
All traffic laws and regulations are in effect on the College campus. Students should be aware of one-way streets and make themselves familiar with the posted speed limits. Students are reminded that it is unlawful for passengers to ride in the bed of pick-up trucks.
Only street legal vehicles shall be operated on campus.
Vehicles will be operated on streets only. Driving on campus lawns, fields, or any other areas not designated for vehicle traffic is forbidden and may be disciplined.

Visitation- No guests under the age of 18, except those accompanied by parents, shall be in any housing unit or in the parking lot adjacent to the housing units, without first obtaining permission from the Dean of Student Services, his designee, or another Administrator of NCK Tech. Visiting hours for off campus visitors are from 8:00 am through 11:00 pm Sunday through Thursday, and 8:00 am through 1:00 am Friday and Saturday.
No overnight guests without permission. Overnight guests must first be approved by the Dean of Student Services or the Housing Supervisor. A form must be completed that gives the college identification information. The overnight guests must be over the age of 18. Co-habitation is strictly prohibited.

Window/Screens, Misuse of- Windows and screens may not be removed or altered from their normal operating position. A maintenance fee will be assessed for installation of window screens, and the cost of any damage to the screen will be added to the student’s bill. Anyone tampering with windows or screens will also be subject to disciplinary action. Nothing may be thrown out of windows and residents should not exit through windows nor be on roofs. Breakage or damage to windows will be charged to the resident(s).

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