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Dorms Internet access


For students living in the dorms (Beloit campus only); a secured 802.11n wireless Internet connection is available for desktops, laptops, and gaming consoles; (Xbox, Wii and Play Stations).

In order for the Internet at the dorms to function properly and at it's best, the following rules MUST be followed:

• Each resident is allowed up to 3 devices to connect to the Dorms wireless network. 
       Examples: 1-Laptop, 1-Tablet, 1-Gaming Console, or a Smartphone.
No wireless routers are allowed in the dorms.
No wireless access points or repeaters are allowed in the dorms.
Smartphone Hotspots are discouraged throughout the college in order to reduce unnecessary and potentially disruptive wireless traffic.
• Only 1 laptop per resident may be registered with the dorms homework network.
• All dorm residents are encouraged NOT to share their unique dorms wireless network key.
• All dorm residents are required to read, understand and follow NCK Tech's Dorms Acceptable Use Policy

Note: A dorms (Homework Network) is available for residents who register their Laptop's MAC Address with the colleges IT Department.  To register your laptop, just bring your laptop to the colleges IT Department located in the Computer Technology building Monday through Friday 8:00AM to 4:00PM.

Visitors to NCK Tech may join our "NCK Tech Guests" wireless network for free Internet access which is located in our Student Union and Administration Building on the Beloit campus, or in our Administration Building on the Hays campus.  Additionally, visitors may also use any of our guest computers in our Beloit campus Student Union or Hays campus Administration Building. 

Additionally, (NCK Tech Campus) wireless access points are located in every building throughout the college at both our Beloit and Hays campuses for our students to use.  To learn more about the (NCK Tech Campus) wireless network or to obtain the wireless access key, please visit our Wireless Access page on our Intranet while on campus.

Note: The NCK Tech Guests and NCK Tech Campus wireless networks are provided for your convenience and are to be used, AT YOUR OWN RISK AND RESPONSIBILITY. They are available to any NCK Tech student, visitor or employees personal laptops, and SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED SECURE. All wireless networks are provided as is; without guarantee of service or support. The college cannot and will not guarantee the privacy or security of your data or communications while connected to one these wireless networks.  All wireless network activity is logged and may be monitored for misuse or misconduct without notice.

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