Certified Nurses Aide


CNA Courses provide students with training in basic nursing skills such as bathing, grooming, mobility, infection control, feeding and vital signs. The course is focused on the care of the older population, but the skills learned are used to assist in a variety of health care settings. The course is developed with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment's Kansas Certified Nurse Aide Curriculum Guidelines as the backbone of the course. Course time includes lecture, skills lab, and clinical components. Successful completion of the course and all required hours will mean that the student is eligible to take the State CNA Certification Test.

Certified CNA's can gain employment in a variety of settings such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home health organizations, hospitals, and physicians' offices.

The total required number of hours for the course is 90. A minimum of 25 hours of the time will be spent in a clinical setting, while 20 hours is spent in a skill lab area. Typically the course is held 2-3 days a week for approximately 8-10 weeks, although the schedule can vary from course to course. This course is worth 5 college credit hours.

Course costs will vary from year to year, so please contact the instructor or NCK Tech for current costs. The cost of the course includes all college tuition and application fees, registration and testing fees, lab and clinical fees, textbooks, CPR fees, gait belt, and name tag. The only additional required costs that would be out of pocket for the student would be the required TB test and Scrubs (uniforms) for clinical.

The CNA course is also offered in a hybrid Online/Traditional format at various times throughout the year. There is an additional cost associated with the online courses.


Inactive CNA status


We have a convenient option to reestablish your CNA certification. If your CNA status has become inactive due to not working for 2 or more years, you might be eligible to simply set up an appointment with the instructor to complete a CNA Checklist for employment verification. This is basically a checklist that reviews the items that were included in your skills checklist in your CNA course. NCKTC does charge a fee to complete the checklist with you and submit the paperwork to KDHE.

Courses and Schedules



To request core course information, or to be placed on the mailing list for the course that you are interested in, please contact Marlene Winter, RN via e-mail (mwinter@ncktc.edu) or via phone (785-623-6168) or Hays Administration at (785-625-2437) for the Hays campus and Roxie Hake, via e-mail (rhake@ncktc.edu) or via phone (785-738-9095) for the Beloit campus. Please make sure to clearly indicate which class you are requesting information on and include your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.