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Two Year Associate of Applied Science Degree

The Agricultural Equipment Technology Program provides a quality learning atmosphere and directed hands on experiences designed to prepare the student to enter and thrive in the rapidly growing field of Agricultural Equipment Technology.  The majority of the classroom time will be spent learning and discussing the systems, components, operation, diagnostics, and troubleshooting.  The curriculum scope also covers calibrations to each system as required by manufacturers.  Classroom work will be supplemented with hands on experience in the lab of each system being studied.  Operational tests and component adjustments covered in the classroom discussion will be demonstrated to the students.  Each student will be required to perform the same task as they were shown, and will be evaluated on their performance of this task.  Upon successful completion of the program, students will earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree.


Prepare students to become valued technicians in the agricultural equipment industry.


Develop students understanding of the operation, maintenance, diagnosis, and cost effective repair of the most common equipment used today and in the future by agricultural growers.


Systems to be learned include; electrical, hydraulic, power trains, and computers, along with axles, brakes, and engines as they relate to these systems.


The student will learn to locate and identify all systems, components and test locations.


Students will trace flow through each system and circuit, check and adjust pressures, voltages, high and low idles and adjustments.


The student will learn to calibrate systems using computer programs, diagnostics and clear event codes with the use of a computer or onboard electronic devices used by manufacturers.

Please address any program questions to:

Instructor, Department Chair
Doug Cox
Office: (785) 738-9039

Mitch Eck
Office: (785) 738-9018

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