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Brett Palmer and Cloud Ceramics Scholarships Available!

One Year Certificate (CIP Code: 46.0101)

Bricklaying offers not only classroom lecture but also hands-on real life experience.

You will learn to:

Identify the history of brick and how brick, concrete blocks, native stone, and clay tile are used in modular construction.


Work safely with scaffolding, hand tools, and power tools used in masonry construction.


Recognize the three general types of cement in use today, plus the development and properties to make the correct cement for the job.


Distinguish between five bond types, brick positions and their applications.


Build composite walls with brick and block, cavity and reinforced masonry walls, garden-bond walls, veneer walls, and bearing walls.


Apply mathematics to brick masonry.


Create working drawings such as: line and symbol identification, dimensions, scales and metrics for masons.

Please address any program questions to:

Instructor, Department Chair
Rick Hajny
Office: (785) 738-9032