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Two Year Associate of Applied Science Degree

The Automotive Technology Program provides fundamental knowledge, skills, and training necessary for entry-level employment or career advancement as an automotive technician.

In Automotive Technology I students will receive hands-on instruction in Brake Systems, Basic Electrical, Suspension and Alignment, Fuel systems, Engine Theory, Automatic and Manual Drive Transmissions, and Air Conditioning Systems.


If the student chooses to return for Automotive Technology II they will receive in-depth hands-on instruction in application of Strategy-based Diagnostics, Troubleshooting, Preventative Maintenance, Alternative Fuels, and Hybrid Technology.  With emphasis in computer controlled power train systems and multiple computer systems.

Please address any program questions to:

Instructor, Department Chair
Mark Rathbun
Office: (785) 623-6172

Brett Pfannenstiel
Office: (785) 623-6170

Richard Cox
Office: (785) 623-