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Two Year Associate of Applied Science Degree

The NCKTC Hays Electrical Department offers two electrical programs.


The second year, Electrical Technology, is available for graduates of the one-year Residential Electricity program.  This program builds on the electrical theory and practices presented in the Residential Electricity program.


Students take courses in Electrical Troubleshooting, Generators, Transformers, Motors, and Programmable Controllers.  Additional trade practices and National Electrical Code requirements for electrical wiring is studied to prepare the students to take the National Electrical Code Journeyman’s Test near the completion of their last semester.


Students are provided the opportunity to gain technical knowledge and experience in residential and commercial wiring and in industrial maintenance areas of the electrical industry.  While serving their internship, student experience hands-on work, including actual residential and commercial wiring installation. 


Graduates may seek employment opportunities as an industrial electrician/technician for manufacturing companies, engineering assistant, or technician with power or communication companies, residential and commercial electrical construction, electrical equipment sales, and many other related areas.


Required general education courses are English Comp, Speech, and a choice of Human Growth & Development, Sociology or  Business Entrepreneurship to help a graduate become well-rounded.  Successful graduates of the program receive an Associate degree.

Please address any program questions to:

Instructor, Department Chair
Allan Hill
Office: (785) 301-2248

Keith Bunger
Office: (785) 301-2428