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Required Courses

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Required Courses

One Year Certificate Requirements
(9 hours of General Education Credit)

Math (3 Credit Hours - choose one)
- Basic College Math or
- Business Math

Social Behavioral Science (3 Credit Hours)
- Psychology

Computer Science (3 Credit Hours)
- Computer Applications
Associate of Applied Science Degree Requirements for most NCKTC students
Two year AAS Degrees

(18 hours of General Education Credit)

Please review the NCKTC College Catalog for the requirements of each program.

Math (3 Credit Hours Required - choose one)
- Business Math or
- Intermediate Algebra or
- College Algebra

Communications (6 Credit Hours Required)
- English Composition I
- Fundamentals of Oral Communication

Social Behavioral Science (6 Credit Hours Required - choose two)
- General Psychology or
- Sociology or
- Human Growth and Development

Computer Science (3 Credit Hours Required)
- Computer Applications

Business* (3 Credit Hours Elective)
- Business Management Entrepreneurship

* Depending on the program, Business Management/Entrepreneurship can be used as an elective credit for either Human Growth & Development or Sociology.


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