Cafeteria Menu

Note: This menu reflects the current menu at the Beloit campus only. Menu is subject to change at any time.

Walk-in prices

Breakfast: $4.50
Lunch: $9.00
Dinner: $7.00
Steak & special meals: $10.00
Soup/Salad/Sandwich: $5.00
Cappuccino: $1.00

Week of: February 20-24

Breakfast Lunch Dinner

French Toast, Sausage Links, B&G

Chicken Fried Steaks, Mashed Potatoes, Veggie and Roll

Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry, Crab Rangoon, Rice


Breakfast Pizza, Tri-Taters, B&G

Pot Roast, Baby Red Potatoes, Veggie and Rolls

French Dip Sandwich, French Fries, Veggie


Bacon and Cheese Omelets, Potatoes, B&G

BBQ Chicken, Scalloped Potatoes, Veggie and Rolls

Ravioli, Cheesy Breadsticks, Veggie


Fried Eggs, Ham Steaks, Potatoes, B&G

Mexican Buffet

Pulled Pork or BBQ Beef Sandwich, Baby Cake Potatoes, Veggie


Bob Evans Casserole, Sausage Patty, Cinnamon Roll, B&G

Fish Sandwich, Mac and Cheese, Veggie

Cafeteria Closed